Hate Radio

1. a broadcast radio program that promotes hatred, bigotry, fear and dehumanization.

hate radio is usually found on the am dial. key modern pract-tioners include rush limbaugh, michael savage, sean hannity and mark levin.

while they claim to be the “true guardians of conservatism,” hate radio hosts are usually far outside the mainstream conservative tradition (for example, compared to ronald reagan’s general electric theater show, 1954-62.)

2. a type of radio programming that appeals to people who feel threatened or victimized by any type of change. listeners welcome the chance to blame society’s ills on a specific group of people — liberals, minorities, immigrants, foreigners, jews, catholics, feminists, etc. on hate ratio, these scapegoat groups are frequently labeled “evil, dangerous, insane, sinister and sub-human.”

3. a license to attack a specific group of people on the public airways without permitting any opportunity for opposing views on the same show or even station. (unfair and unbalanced in every way.)

4. the favorite radio broadcasts of home-grown terrorists and extremists like timothy mcveigh.

5. proof that virulent hated is the mother’s milk of 21st century paranoia.
remember that white supremicist who shot up the holocaust museum in washington, d.c.? he was a long-time fan of hate radio.

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