haters wit nickelodean

who ever tha f-ck yhu dumb -ss people r…… shuud up! alll yall sound really stupid cuxx ya dumb -sses juss dnt lke tha d-mn shows….oka/?/? who gives a f-xk wut yall thnk…. n-body especially nt me…. big time rush is a great show and all yall -ssholes who think it aint go suck ya daddys d-ck and drink ya mommas breast milk lke t-tties …. my sayn is if yhu kall sumbody gay den ur gay so all ya m-th-f-ckas go fuc a d-ck and die and thts fa all dez shows out here on nickelodean and if was partof dez shows den i would prob say………………..f-ck al yall ha8rs and suck my d-ck b-tches and go suck a booty and die! and dats my sayn if nickeldean suck n yhu think itsucck den yhu suck ya -ss holes nw wut b-tches!!!!!on da e f-ck all yall
i aint got no d-mn example all i kan say is dere are sum d-mn haters wit nickelodean out here n dez b-tch -ss stupid -ss crack head m-th-f-ckas in this world r haters

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