1. a catch phrase commonly used by white sox announcer ken harrelson.

2. standard parlance of an incompetent hillbilly; staple of stylized speech patterns -ssociated with south carolinian trailer communities; used to “describe” an event (or even a sequence of events) without uttering more than 8 or 9 syllables; in essence, a subst-tute for original thought.

· he gone

· gaaaas

· duck snort

· grab some bench

· chopper, two hopper

· cinch it up and hunker down

· sit back, relax, and strap it down

· i luuuuuuuv cotton candy

· i luuuuuuuv e-mail

· i luuuuuuuv america

· i luuuuuuuv when you -n-lyze

· i luuuuuuuv hats

· i luuuuuuuv that duck

· catbird seat

· hang wiff ’em

· roll him up right here

· sacks packed with sox

· you can cancel the post game show

· c’mon, you gotta do some chunkin’ right here

· we’ve got ’em right where we want ’em

· zone him in, reel him in, and light him up

· gotta bristle up right here

· big hack, no contack

· c’mon, be a two strike hitter

· we got a whooole lotta work to do

· he’s on the b-mp tomorrow

· that ball hit deep

· dadgum right

· good speed aboard

· he needs to bow his neck

· right size, wrong shape

· he just missed that one

· double barrel of action

· down to their last bullet

· thank you very much

· ducks on the pond

· rack ‘em up

· stay fair

· get foul

· poof

· ball 4 base hit

· should be…it is

· mercy!

· get on back there

· stretch

· can-o-corn

· pick-to-click

· sucks it up

· watch out

· he got a cookie there d.j.

· the dreaded leadoff walk

· getting ridden hard and put away wet

· lookin’ for it, got it, and couldn’t do nothin’ with it

· “heiny bird???”

· that’s trouble

· this game is “o-vah!”

· way back, he looks up, you can put it on the board…yes!

· this ball game is ova!

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