a person who is s-xually ahead of their time
lance is headas-xual even though he’s afraid of v-g-n-s.

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  • filipitous

    adj. meaning odd, strange, unique, etc.. this is a filipitous situation i have gotten myself into. that’s filipitous!

  • pub daddy

    an older man you pick up in a bar/pub that could be mistaken for your father. q: yo, is that your dad? a: no, it’s just pub daddy.

  • 880991

    this number when multiplied by the speed of sound, is the speed of light; aka mach 880991 (the speed of light). when you see something it’s not exactly how it looked when you saw it because the light has to travel to your eyes, and it does so at mach 880991, fast, but not instant.

  • friendzoned

    when a member of the opposite s-x (usually one you want to hook up with) declares you to be “just a friend”, thereby ruining all potential chances of s-x. noj: dude, i met this really hot chick and i was gonna hook up with her…until i got friendzoned! eiddam: aw d-mn man! that sucks -ss! […]

  • mashbeard

    having a beard made entirely of mashed potatoes. hey fester, i almost didn’t recognize you with that mashbeard.

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