an -sshole idiot who is a f-ckboy
headboi whatcha doin… hein

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  • brizoke

    having insufficient funds. (can be used with more than one “z”. ex. brizzoke, brizzzzzoke) “dave, you wanna go to that steakhouse downtown?” “i would man, but i’m brizoke”

  • ziamir

    a outgoing beautiful person. always smiling and very friendly stay having a positive mindset. ziamir is so fun and everybody loves her.

  • bavarian pretzel

    when a young lady seeks the company of three men. it requires unique bending, several sauces to dip multiple times, three holes and leaves a salty taste in your mouth. the bavarian pretzel we made last night was incredible

  • twix girls

    twix girls are two girls (normally best friends, sisters or girls that are always together)that a group of lads want to bang. if they can’t bang a single twix stick or they’ve already eaten it they will attempt to eat the other. i’ve already banged that one, i’m going to try to bang the other, […]

  • jigyaa

    cute, beautiful girl. natural doge lover and candy lover. hard to find. simply awesome. oh, that girl is so awesome, must be a jigyaa.

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