Heath Robinson

adj: an invention, machine or process that is makeshift, fragile, poorly engineered or overly elaborate.

william heath robinson (1872-1944) was a british cartoonist well known for humourous ill-strations of fantasical inventions involving large numbers of components, often in order to acheive a very simple purpose.
eg) “my new customised mousetrap, made from the contents of a kitchen cupboard, string, sticky tape and old lawnmower parts was finally complete. it did look a bit heath robinson, but it might just work.”
something would be described as a “bit heath robinson” if it were disorganised, disheveled, messy, or just tottal chaos. heath robinson was an artist from the 1930’s he used penicl to draw very vivacious works of art, which in the untrained eye would be described as messy.
“its all gone a bit heath robinson”

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