alternate spelling for “h-m-“. a benign reference to h-m-s-xuality serving as a playful insult amongst friends. however, it can be used in serious argument.
lsu fans are a bunch of heaumeaus.

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    make the world crash down i love you so much baby. mtwcd


    basically this is a very derrogetory term for anyone that you want to kick the living f-ck out of. this kid i know is a total c-mfaced-cklicker

  • Cundfuddish

    being fickle in one’s s-xuality. typically exemplified by girls in liberal arts colleges until graduation. becky: i’m just into loving people, you know? i hate gender labels. scott: you are one cundfuddish beezy.

  • cunger

    definition is plain and simple – a black person that you really dont like .. c-nt n-gg-r. f-cking cunger stole my phone.

  • cuniculous

    adj. full of bunnies, either in a s-xual manner or not. fred: “that cage in the pet shop was rather cuniculous.” steve: “who what?” fred: “come to think of it, so was my pad last night.”

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