short for “hebrew.” used as loving, respectful term meaning: “jewish soul brother.”
that penny-pinching heb never picks up the check! but his wife puts the “she” in yeshiva! oy!
sick grocery store.

applying there was the best idea ever because their employees get so many benefits and parties.

only in texas though and they’re about to expand to louisiana . started in 1905 by florence b-tt simply to support her family. then howard edward b-tt, her son, took over the company. now look where it’s at. :d
steven: aye, willis! where you been man?
willis: bro, i’ve been at the heb christmas party.
steven: what the s-x. we don’t get that shiz at kroger.
willis: it’s because you suck.
dopest place ever.

only in texas though.


i know your jealous.
you – aye. im bored.

me – yo. lets h-t up the h-e-b in h-town. na mean?

you – oh fu sho, mayynee.
heavy emotional baggage
that chick is so messed up, she has a case of ‘heb’
short for the word hebrew
person 1: did you see those hebs?
person 2: yeah, their noses were huge!
hispanic employment bureau. an organization in the southwest formed to provide hispanics with a job. these hispanics are put to work distributing mediocre food products and service in a timely manner.
hey vato, wanna go to the heb with me an get a trabajo? mebbe buy a brisket an make a barbecue?
a random place, of little significance, where stoner’s frequently smoke weed at and or around.
“woah man we should all go down to the heb and crabble like sh-t!”
“dude why aren’t you at the heb?”
“i got some milk lets go down to the heb.”

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