|noun| a word for a girl/g-y guy that everyone wishes they were. a.k.a., someone who is very cool and succeeds at everything, someone who has lots of great friends who would never talk about her, and someone of great intellect;
|verb| in the act of being incredibly awesome.
oh my god! look over there at those hedas! they are being so nice to the science club. oh, and look over at those hedas! they are being asked for their autograph!

do the heda! (do a really cool dance)
an easier way to say “heather”. saves breath and simple to say.

an easier way to say heather if you have a hard time pr-nouncing “th” with the tongue.
person “heda…heda get over here!”

heather “my name is heather!!”

person “im too lazy to say heather! its a waste of breath”
a warrior. a leader. a protector of others. heda is the name of someone who puts the well being of others before themself. someone who is selfless, yet stubborn and determined none the less.
that girl is known as the heda at her school. she’s so amazing

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