hee hee

a term used by irving “magic” johnson in the dream team doc-mentary “the greatest game n-body ever saw” to describe a sick over the shoulder no-look p-ss he made.
charles barkley said “i wanna take karl malone now!” so charles gets it… fall-away jumper… goood!
i said “uh-uh karl! you gotta get him back! you better go down there and get him back!”
karl went right at him… jump-shot… “you ain’t nothing! you ain’t nothing, barkley!”
so then, i came down…. hee hee!!!
what michael jackson says alot… great guy…
it don’t matter if you’re black or white.. hee hee! aaow!
a term used by michael jackson (the king of pop) in many of his songs. usually describes a state of happiness or excitement.
“ch’mone, hee hee! oww! the way you make me feel!”
popularized by micheal jackson, it is usually yelled at a very high pitch. yell/scream this at random times to make an everyday, boring conversation amusing/annoying.
guy#1: nice weather we’re having. perfect for the company picnic.
guy#2: yeah i guess….hee hee

kid: mom! whats for dinner?
mom: hee hee
to laugh in a matter of laughy-taffy-nesss. weeee i love laughing. also see lol, rotfl, haha, mwahahaha, or teeheehee.
this is an im conversation:
blahh123: i just wet my bed.
blahh321: heehee!!!
used by michael jackson in the hit uk show bo selecta
a very good, high toned voice used to start drama in the mall, center of town, or any place with people.
attention everybody! shut the h-ll up and listen… hee hee!

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