a cute sound one makes when questioning.

most often used in the retro-anime community. first traces of its origin can be found in the anime hamtaro.
example 1-
“do you like it…?”
“heke, what is it?”

example 2-
“heke? why would you do that?”
cute hamtaro term for “what the f-ck you say, b-tch?”
forum girls use this term quite extensively through their posts.
keh//v.2: omfgyoulikesogotfkcenpwned &wtfbbqsauceroflolmf–fl.
dumb forum girl: heke?

the last name of the maori(native new zealander) that cut down the british flag to protest british occupation / sovereignty.

strong blood-line of maori people (native new zealanders)
hone heke cut down the flag pole at waitangi (new zealand)
heke is another way of saying heck ya!
created by asian posers tryin to be “gangsta” but originally taken by the white folk and turned into there “gangster”
“yo dwag ya’ll gettin freaky tonite?”
“heke mang, ya’ll best tell your girl stop callin my cell phone or ima be gettin freaky wit yo’ b-tch”
“white boy please yo think yo gangsta!”
“heke ima tru playa foo real”

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