when somebody farts on the elevator and you have thirty more floors to go
“sorry if i smell so much, i got the h-llevator”

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  • later ago

    something that happened earlier. she called me later ago, so i am going to call her back.

  • help me i'm being eaten by bears

    a word in which you use when being eaten by bears. oh my god it’s coming closer! help me i’m being eaten by bears!

  • r*t*rded chipmonk

    a young male who behave like an -ssh-l- to everyone especially his friends, who don’t even know why they put up with his bullsh-t anymore. always thinks friends love people of the same s-x, when they obviously do not. steff “isn’t darragh a r-t-rded chipmonk?” jake ”yes steff, i believe he is”

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    n. the state of utter stupidity that results from lax channel rules on irc. -> ops #drugs: this channel is overrun with r-t-rds -nixxie:@#drugs- you just noticed? -persephone^black:@#drugs- lmao… i lost track of convo long ago -> ops #drugs: nah.. it’s been this way for well over a year.. but the level of r-t-rdity never […]

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    a combination of twitter and r-t-rded, which is what i think twitter is , very r-t-rded dude that p-ssed out chick wanted you, you shoulda banged her, oh i forgot you are retwitted.

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