what i need
help me man im living in h-ll
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a mythical being that will magically appear and render -ssistance. no one knows what help looks like as no one has ever seen it. i think it isn’t fair to blame help for promises that other people make, and help can’t keep.
that cabinet looks to big and heavy to move by myself, don’t worry you’ll have help. i’m not qualified to do this job, don’t worry you’ll have help. i don’t have enough time for this project, don’t worry you’ll have help.
a song written by the beatles
help! i need somebody…
dude! you gotta help me. i’m trapped in my room and there’s some f-cking guy outside. he’s freaking the sh-t out of me. he’s got a gun and his name is biff.

i know this is f-cked up – just add this definition so the world can know.


help – add this as a definition you r-t-rd! save me from the guy!
-ssistance, the cavalry, mercenaries, hired guns, hired hands, work, helpedy help help, ayudame por favor, the beatles song, some friends.
there is a nasty hose b-tch who has been demanding s-xual favors of me since third grade. she is a f-ckin’ wierdo and i need help. a restraining order on her would be nice. yo tengo una problema con estos.
-ssistance available without question or reciprocation – only when it is not needed.
when i was moving no-one could f-cking help me… when i win in vegas, they all wanna help me with something. the b-st-rds.
1) a 1965 beatles film, starring the beatles, some foreign guys and a couple of scientists.

an eastern cult tries to make a sacrifice, only realizing that the sacrificial ring is gone.
of course, mr. starr is wearing it.
so some guys from this cult go after the fab four in attempt to retrieve the ring, which won’t come off of ringo’s finger.
some scientists find this rather interesting and now want the ring for themselves.
at the intermission, paul and george throw darts at the camera and john bobs ringo up and down like a yo-yo.
then the mop-tops keep on running, finding themselves in multiple well known areas until they end up at a beach.
when they finally catch ringo and are painting him the sacrificial red, the ring falls off.

2) a 1965 beatles alb-m, setlist consisting of:
side one-
the night before
you’ve got to hide your love away
i need you
another girl
you’re going to lose that girl
ticket to ride

side two-
act naturally
it’s only love
you like me too much
tell me what you see
i’ve just seen a face
dizzy miss lizzy

3) 1965 beatles song, found on the alb-m help!
1) have you seen help!? the plot is totally jacked up, but it’s still hilarious.

2) not doing much, listening to help!

3) now playing: help!

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