a place where old people go to die.
i went to hemet once, it smelt like old people.
a small city in the inland empire of southern california known for meth, evangelical christian extremists, racists, and gun toting hillbillies. a vast majority of young people there have absolutely no ambition to go any further than working at wal-mart. said youth are also encouraged to pump out kids as soon as possible (this ties in to the town’s typical religious views). it is far out of the way of any other bastion of civilization, and takes about 30 minutes out of town just to get to a freeway. avoid at all costs.
“dude, why is that guy wearing a tapout shirt, slapping his girlfriend around, wearing a bear hat filled with bud light, listening to buck cherry, and f-cking his neighbor simultaneously, and talking about how black people and jews are destroying the earth?”

“he’s from hemet.”

“oh, ok.”
old town in so cal. smells like cow sh-t at all times. more and more gangs moving in from different ghettos. just stay the f-ck out or you will probably die here like all the old people.
man 1:”theirs only two things to do in hemet. get stoned, and die. its a d-mn shame i don`t do either.”

man 2:”dude i love hemet! we are growing so fast! we have already had two wall marts. and a shopping mall that is half the size of both the them! i have no problem with my children growing up in a town fueled my race wars and drugs!”
a city in inland southern california just south of riverside.

hemet is one of the worst hit places economically. the recession has decimated small cities like hemet, leaving those who still remain in it to become listless and belligerent.

it takes a minimum of 30 minutes just to get to a freeway from this town. one of the only main roads out of here is the ramona expressway, but since it’s so poorly maintained, it’ll do a number on your tires and suspension. hope you know a good mechanic.

because there are no opportunities there to move ahead with life or get out of hemet, the ghetto mentality has settled in permanently here among all ethnicities. fights will break out over a look, or even less. everyone here is angry and on edge because life here is so difficult and hopeless. people here have become unbelievably violent. the crime here has skyrocketed since the city doesn’t have the money to keep cops employed.

the youth act like they’re from compton or san bernardino. they see no point in bettering themselves, and they see no hope for the future because of the way things are here, and their behavior reflects it.

houses are cheap here because this place is terrible. they’re desperate to sucker people into moving here for the tax revenue. don’t let the low housing prices fool you, because as with anything else in life, you get what you pay for.

if you are staying here voluntarily, you need a check up from the neck up.
welcome to hemet. hope you don’t get carjacked.
hemet is a city in riverside county california, hard hit by the recession. house prices have dropped significantly leaving most homeowners in hemet upsidedown on their mortgages. a booming city full of growth and hope in the early 2000’s has turned into a city full of lost dreams for all those who moved here from san diego and los angeles.

a very poorly run school district grinds out its less that satisfactory education to the local students, most schools in the district have not met the state testing criteria, so that the hemet unified school district has to offer each parent the opportunity to transfer their students to different schools. the recently targeted hemet police department is somewhat corrupt and does very little when responding to any type of call. their preferred idea of resolving problems is to do show up an hour or two after the call and do nothing when they finally do show up. winter is cold and summer is unbearably hot. diamond valley lake is pretty much the only draw to the city with the exception of the once a year ‘ramona pageant’. barring these activities the only p-ssers through are those headed up the hill to escape the heat to idyllwild or to relax pooside in palm springs.
i swear i’m going to move every summer and i’m still here, stuck in hemet.

the neighbor just beat up his wife, i called the cops but no one came to help her.
a small city in riverside county california. florida ave is the main street and on every corner there is a bank. on t.v. they said that florida ave had more money than the las vegas strip.

hemet is a place where you can start at one end of town next to a huge mansion and than drive 3 miles to the crack house cross the street talk to the hookers and go back home.

there is no middle cl-ss only poor and rich nothing in the middle.

everyone that lives in hemet came in waves. 50% were born here 30% are from orange county 15% from san diego 5% are illegal aliens

its really hot in the summer time.

if you moved here you think you now live in the desert.
im moving to hemet
city in california where the grand master of the kkk, david duke, resides.
hemet is not really even a place. it is just a dot on the map that few people care about.

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