hermit crab

a crab that has a soft abdomen so it hides in a sh-ll. there are two types of hermit crabs: marine and land hermit crabs. marine crabs live in the ocean and most kinds of hermit crabs are marine. some of these can be kept in a reef tank. not having a lot of experience with them, i know so far they are fairly easy to keep in a reef tank and don’t have a lot of special needs. don’t take it from me though. i think if you have one and are concerned with the care needed for it a good idea would be to research it using any search engine.

land hermit crabs are special because they are able to live on land. there are only a few species that can do this. they are nocturnal (not sure if marine crabs are too) and are scavengers that eat a variety of food from seaweed to dead animals. they breed by laying eggs in the ocean, where the little crabs will live for a long time before they become full hermit crabs. sh-lls are important because thier abdomen is easily damaged and dried out. it is also a source of protection for their whole body. if there is a shortage they have been known to fight eachother for a sh-ll.

also an obvoius fact is that they are pets. they can be found at pet stores and even souvenir stores. there is an important fact that very few people know. hermit crabs need special care. most stores do not know much about them. here are very important facts regarding their surival as a pet. they need humidity because their special gills will dry out. the humidity should be between 70-80%. their temprature should be 70-80%. another important fact is that they need salt water and normal fresh water (which should be free of chlorine) because they normally take it from the ocean. they will eventually die without it. also they need sp-ce. a small plastic tank will not be enough. a wire cage will not work at all. a standard ten gallon gl-ss tank is the best for a beginner. their diet should not contain preservatives called ethyoxiquin or copper sulfate because that will eventually cause health problems. a good diet of fruits abd vegtables along with meat such as raw or cooked shrimp or anything unsalted (because of the anti caking agents in table salt) will work well. despite the name they like eachothers company and usually live in colonies of a hunded in the wild. they bury themselves in the wild so having sand or compressed coconut fiber will work. just make sure it is wet so they can build tunnels. the reason is because all crabs molt and it takes them a few weeks. if your crab disappears once every few months that is the reason. make sure they also have spare sh-lls that do not have paint because although it is usual for people to do this, paint may do one of two things: seal the crab in the sh-ll or have the crab eat the paint that chips off and die. hermit crabs also like to hide during the day so having little caves and fake plants for them to hide in is good. if provided enough care they will live for years. for more information please do a google search on hermit crab care.
ron: i have had some of my hermit crabs live for 15 years.

kenny: hermit crabs need that much care?

ron: indubitably.

kenny: what?
someone who stays at home, never venturing out. someone who’s in a sh-ll.
my friend edric is such a hermit crab.
when you are raped by a hobo, or hermit, and develop crabs.
i was walking downtown, and got hermit crabs from a hobo.
where a single person, lies in bed, p-sses gas and then pulls the covers over ones own head to enjoy thier own essence. this is normally called a dutch oven when enjoyed by a pair.
after eating that bean burrito, my thunder was rolling…i was lying in bed and tooted, then i pulled the covers over my head and pretended to be a hermit crab.
a s-xual position in which the mona wraps her legs around the man’s hips like a tool belt. the man picks up the wonam and power boms her, tightening her up like a hermit crab.
i was so pent up and intense that i gave my lady a hermit crab last night.

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