a protrusion of the intestines and other abdominal organs out of the abdominal cavity and under the skin. typically can be repaired by pushing the organs back into the abdomen and placing a teflon grid over the area under the skin to prevent recurrance. typically occurs in males.
the doctor made me turn my head and cough to test for a hernia.
the act of pulling on t-st-cl- upwards and letting it rest on the tope of the jeans, therefore appearing to have a hernia.
the person that performs the act is said to be doing ‘the hernia’.
the best way to perform ‘the hernia’ is to wear a t-shirt and stretch just next to the victim.
tom ‘dude, i totally give the bar maid the hernia and she nearly dropped my pint’

roy ‘totes ma goats’.
n. -slang for an exposed scr-t-m. often done spontaneously for the shock and enjoyment of others. not legal, but d-mn, it’s fun!
adam-hey guys, wanna see my hernia?
guys- omg, put that thing away!
when somebodies d-ck becomes so violently munted that the outside of the p-n-s becomes filled with the insides of the p-n-s, creating a sack of the insides of your c-ck outside your p-n-s. giving you a munted d-ck.
person1: dude, you’ve got a hernia!
person2: i know, it’s so large and munted!
a slang term for a headache caused by wearing tight headphones and listening to music at the same time when asleep. the headphones cut off circulation to the head and produce discomfort in the head. the music projected from the headphones are repeatedly bashing your ear drums while you are asleep and slowly start producing one h-ll of a headache.
victim of a hernia: ow! man, my head hurts josh!
josh: that sucks. don’t fall asleep when listening to music next time.
a big poofy thing that like. comes out of you which its fun to poke. it looks like a bubble. if you get one people may call you bubble boy. 😮
ouch i ahve a hernia -boo hoo-

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