it’s like a tornado of std’s. for a nasty, sl-tty person.
“d-mn, that girl looks like she got the herpasyphagonnaclap!”

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  • vsesh

    a virtual sesh; when you and your boy(s) smoke weed on a video call( preferably facetime) whatsup bro!? long time no talk. we should catch up and vsesh tonight!

  • nakinoskopik

    a weird -ss user name that my bf has for everything nakinoskopik is online now

  • no-shit-knowledge

    knowledge that obvious to anyone with half a brain, often aggravating due to its repet-tion. girlfriend *interrupting/just making a statement* : “drinking and getting behind the wheel is pretty stupid” boyfriend *aggravated* “well, yeah… that’s no-sh-t-knowledge…”

  • russiamerica

    name given by the gop to the country formerly known as the united states of america after they sold it to vladimir putin. a giant helium balloon of orange baby trump welcomed immigrants to russiamerica, the former united states of america.

  • oretentious

    likes to eat p-ssy with ambition like it’s an oreo cookie… figure it out… key word niko which comes from the arabic word nik which means f#@k… in southern france the use the common expression j’nik ta mere all the time… fogure it out… ciao for now parlez-vous francais? jnik ta mere oretentious.

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