in other words it means “f-ck you”
hershezy all you f-cken haters and get outta ma face.

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  • Hershits

    cr-p that looks like hershey chocolates. “adam cr-pped out hersh-ts.”

  • Hypetronic

    of the fly variety; in the moment, trendy, exclusive to an esoteric privileged audience, vogue, or extremely hip. a mix of the potency of chronic with the timely buzz of hype. many people started wearing supreme 5-panel hats when they became hypetronic.

  • bootie crickets

    bootie crickets is a condition of acknowledged s-xuality whereby the male or female of a species, upon random sampling of pheromone transmission, is so detectable to the opposite s-x that it must be acknowledged and commented upon. man, her bootie crickets are barkin’ tonight!


    a strong mexican cartel know for their enrollment and narc affiliated on the west coast of mexico. from sinaloa to jalisco all the way to zacatecas and michoacan. testimonies some what prove they reside on coast on california. these guys are hacoy dont mes with them.

  • hagoog

    after s-x, fart in a girls mouth and then kiss her while the gas is still in her mouth last night i hagooged my girlfriend mary, she tasted great 🙂

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