a person you don’t know the gender of
“what the h-ll is that!”
“its a h-sh-meyou, duh”

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    when you smash the white ball into your colour ball in a game of pool with no aim, accuracy or clue where the white ball or coloured b-lls are going to end up and you either snooker the other player or pot your ball omg you should of seen mop mopping it up on the […]

  • swipalicious

    a term commonly used to describe someone (man or woman) on popular dating apps like tinder or b-mble. with a pretty smile and gorgeous eyes, that girl is totally swipalicious!

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  • smacks the f*ck out

    beat someone mercilessly for an obscure act. severe punishment for doing something illegal or bad behavior. john cracked an inappropriate joke on jake’s girlfriend, jake smacks the f-ck out of john.

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