basically the weebs of the hetalia fanbase. believe that the show is completely historical and accurate, when in reality it really isn’t. they claim to know so much about history when their actually dumb as sh-t and know nothing. often seen wearing crudely made hetalia costumes. also spotted doing the sieg heil while cosplaying as germany and prussia just a few blocks from a holocaust memorial during p-ssover. when cosplaying france they grope random con goers and their only excuse is that they’re acting in character. poor flag ettiquete. most can be seen giggling in history cl-ss while the teacher is discussing serious topics. show no respect to history. when talking of politics/history refer to the countries as “he” or “she”. for some reason they hate homestuck and it’s fandom. randomly shout out things like pasta, vodka, and panda, since it’d be so kawaii just like the show. quite possibly worse than the narutards.

–keep in mind, there are some pretty sane and awesome hetalia fans in the fandom. usually show respect to countries and their history.–
example 1:

hetaliatard: oh no!! there was a tsunami in j-pan that killed hundreds of people!! i hope nihon-kun is okay! i know i’ll right a fanfiction about it!!!!!!

sane fan/normal perosn: jesus christ…

example 2:
hetaliatard 1: hey since you’re cosplaying as germany, you should do the sieg heil sign! it’d be so historical!

hetaliatard 2: kyaaaa!! that’s such a sugoi idea! it’ll be so kawaii!!!

example 3:

history teacher: in the fall on 1939, german troops invaded the country of poland. while invading the-

hetaliatard: -giggles- by invade you mean rape right?

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