happens six times per year or every two months.
the meeting will take place hexannaully in january, march, may, july, september, november.

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    the formal way to say i don’t even give a cr-p. teacher: i had so much fun this weekend! student: idegac!

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    licking white, salty cream from any man’s recently used p-n-s. me and my friends went j-zz licking last night! j-zz licking.

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    a reusable, absorbent sock saved for the sole purpose of slipping over the p-n-s while masturbating. i feel like rubbing one out. where is my trusty juice sock?

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    a s-xy insane asylum patient played by actor evan peters in the second season of the tv series american horror story on fx. accused of murdering multiple women including his wife alma. he is innocent of these murders but he’s guilty of killing many teen girls due to excessive s-xiness. “kit walker and i are […]

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