Hick Town

a southern, mostly redneck town that has few offerings other than simply being a community that knows and cares for each other above all else.

usually characterized as:

a town with one, if any, stop light.

most of the inhabitants drive trucks or other oversized suv

cow/horse pastures everywhere

if you’re lucky, 2 convenience stores, a gas station, and a liqour store

one road in and out

usually full of hicks, rednecks, country boys, and similar.

most everyone knows each other and loves their town

look up the songs “hick town”, “hillbilly delux”, “country boy can survive”, “famous in a small town”, “small town southern man”
“hollywood south carolina? man what a little hick town.”

“yup, i was born and raised in this hick town, and i wouldn’t have it any other way.”
1. a place where a hick or a redneck lives.

2. a song sung by jason aldean.
“we let it rip when we got the money. let it roll if we got the gas. it gets wild yeah but that’s the way we get down in a hicktown”
gainesville, florida. where everyone talks with the most obnoxious country accent and wears jorts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
dude, why is gainesville called a hicktown?

because we’re all jort wearin’ douchebags and our quarterback for uf is a f-ckin’ cry baby and makes us all look like sh-t.
place reputed to be full of farmers and uneducated home-schooled kids.

they’re actually usually not.

they’re usually filled with kids who do live on farms, but buy ugly ugg boots and have parties with heavy drinking to prove they’re just as cool as the city folk.

yes, they are known to be seen riding their tractors around the main town center.
“wow, that girl was wearing a flannel shirt to the mall”
“she’s from a hick town, she doesn’t know any better.”
1)it’s heaven on earth.

2)a small town in central texas. =)

3)place to get away from all the commotion and where to tell northerners and -ssholes to f-ck off.
2)i’m from hicktown, it’s right up the road from austin.

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