the bane of everything that is good in the universe. should be avoided and shunned at all costs. widely -ssociated with the fall of civilization into the depths of h-ll. also, the exact opposite of blarg.
“hingo must be destroyed.”
“you must fear hingo.”
“thanks for watching, this apocalypse was brought to you by hingo.”

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  • Abdil

    a joke-teller. a funny person. “that frankie boyle sure is an abdil!”

  • a bit gay

    something that is lame or rubbish did you see that movie, it was a bit gay wasn’t it? wonderful; better than can be expected person a: that new mercedes is a bit gay. being straight i couldn’t afford it. person b: yeah.

  • Taintssage

    the act of having your taint m-ssaged and rubbed in a pleasing manner. linda: “hey marcus what do u want to do?” marcus: “why don’t you shut up and give a taintssage, its tender” linda: “okay”

  • ablowjobize

    the act of giving a bl-w j-b, in order to apologize for some wrong doing you did to your boyfriend/ex-bofriend. if you think she cheated on you, then she needs to come over an abl-wj-bize to you for what she did.

  • xabadoh!

    code word for an extremely hot chick. phil: xabadoh to the left! joey: she’s hot, but her friend is nasty! phil: you’re right, the friend is a xabadog.

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