Hip Hop Crap

hip hop cr-p consists of hip hop and rap, most “so called” songs are a combination of elements ripped off from songs that were written and preformed by people with real talent. the n-gg-rs however “being talentless sc-m” rip off parts of songs and call it (sampling) …sounds better than stealing!

after the sampling process is completed, they proceed to “trash talk” over the samples they ripped off. to create some urban sounding trash known as hip hop or rap cr-p.

the successful hip hop or rap cr-p song contains trash talk about the following: drugs, pimps, ho’s, killing, n-gg-rs, hood, home boyz, 9’s, foty’s, disrespect to woman, and a host of other ignorant sh-t that people with any inelegance recognize as total bull sh-t!

but you must remember, this type of music appeals to the urban jungle bunnies that aspire to be hip hop or rap gangsta’s, because stealing and trash talking are two things most n-gg-rs are borne with the ability to do well!

hip hop or rap … its all the same cr-p!

joe: what is that trash on the radio tyrone is listing to?

max: its just “hip hop cr-p”

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