hits anything that moves

often used in reference to males. hits anything that moves means someone who goes for any girl, as long as she has a pulse. tries to crack onto anyone, regardless of looks, personality, etc.
andrew is so schezy he’d hits anything that moves.

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  • Kleenex & Lotion

    everything a man needs to get by. “dude, have you seen those revealing megan fox photos? somebody fetch me the kleenex & lotion.”

  • deboucher

    one who emerges from a previously depraved or defiled state \dih-bowch-er; -boosh-er\ the deboucher was not without shame when the hr department conducted a background check.

  • munchfoot

    inadvertently putting one’s foot in one’s mouth with the intention of being smart, funny or witty. mike landed a munchfoot when he tried to cover up his typo.

  • hit fo' it

    usually used immediately prior to a fight. a challenge to throw the first punch. when pookie saw ray-ray in the hallway he told him to hit fo’ it if he was so serious about their dispute.


    cracking me the f-ck up dont make me laugh so hard, you are cmtfu!

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