hog tied drunk

term that describes “that night”. most commonly used people of laid back, country lovin nature
the night you f-cked your sister, hog tied drunk

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  • Bungie Belt

    when a redneck forgets his/her belt and uses a bungie strap to keep their crack covered. jr. was on a job remoldelin a trash trailer, and caught a crack draft. he then went to his truck, straped on a bungie belt, now his crack is free form trash talk.

  • childcare centre

    a womans vag-na or mouth or -n-s after she has received a fresh load of sperm from a man. i dropped the kids of at a few childcare centres last night, all without leaving the bedroom.

  • Christmahanaquansica

    a compleat holiday, with christmas, hannaka, and quansa. the ica is just for flare. it was used on a cell phone commercial in 2005 and 2006. oh well marry christmahanaquansica to you to!!

  • nippho

    nippho is a wh-r- that likes her nipples sucked my girlfriend tracy is such a nippho

  • nipple cracker

    a poor attempt to combine offensive language and racist slang, ending in a very sad attempt at an insult, yet a funny way to try and end a fight with a laugh. “you’re such a nipple cracker!”

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