sometimes spelled “homam”, it’s the acronym for “heroes of might and magic”, a long-lived series of turn-based strategy video game.
the game is set in a medieval-fantasy setting, and allows the player to acquire and manage resourses, build and upgrade structures, recruit units (mainly mythical creatures), cast spells, explore the world, and lead a “hero” to battle against other players (either ai or human).
first released in 1995, the game had a number of sequels, spinoffs and expansions, both official and fan-created, the last being homam6, released in 2011. the game changed through the years, however always remaining turn-based.
one of the main features is the possibility to choose a leading character (called “hero”) from two types of heroes: either “battle oriented” or “magic oriented”, hence the name of the game.
“remember those lan paties at your place back in the days? we used to spend whole nights playing homam3!”
a skinny african american guy without black skin. homams are very fast runners but they do not know when to stop running.
homams generally enjoy ownnig elvindork becasue he exists only to be owned.
homams also enjoy making fun of their frarab friends by calling their other friend, who is the owner of ownage, “detective”.
homams always quote these owner of ownage friends in a bid to increase their own levels of ownage.
homams are usually found in tampa, dubai, and tripoli and are completely fascinated by the dome of the rock.
homams have libyan parents; one of whom has a strong arab accent while the other one has a bald head.
homam! stop owning elvindork!

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