a suburb just south of chicago that is quickly becoming just as bad as the inner city
sara lives in homewood i hope she doesnt get shot
great place to live with a diverse racial background. known for the original birth place of aurellios pizza. also known for its hot soccer moms , jail bait and -ss-hole cops with nothing to do.
hey lets go to homewood for some awesome pizza before we get arrested for getting jail baited by some hot 17 year old chick that looks like a soccer mom .
a guy who is very timid and serrupticious, who tries to ignore being bullied or hit with flying objects in a cl-ssroom/lunchhall. but will give you a sly peek like a hawk from the side of his eyes when under pressure so he can spy the culprit.

thom – “check that guy scoping us out, he’s a right sly pie”

chris – “yeah, he’s a real homewood”

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