Homo Cop

1. a h-m- cop, is a police officer who when frisking you trys to get extra feels on a males private parts,

2. when taking you to the police station always wants to strip search the males they arrested to look at there p-n-s

3. police officer looks at your p-n-s more than your face.

4. they just join the police force so they can s-xually -ssault so called criminals
detective smith is a h-m- cop, he smiles when he strip searched me and had is his eyes glued on my p-n-s the whole time with a devils grin

a lighthearted term used for describing a h-m-s-xual person or persons. the reciptant of this insult neednt be h-m-s-xual but more so an utter -sshole.
“go guzzle some c-m, h-m-cop”

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