when two g-y people have a conversation
“rylee had a h-m-sation with neil patrick harris”

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  • ichocodadc*m

    the daddiest of insults. will offend anyone “die u fe3der!11! fking ichocodadc-m!11!!

  • 911ed it

    another way to express that you bombed or failed at something. mom: how was your test? son: awful. i 9/11ed it!

  • alin haruray

    someone that spends more time talking about working out than actually working out. or someone attempts to hit on his male friends by describing his gains. that f-g over there is a real alin haruray

  • paddle shifters

    modification to a motor vehicle that adds unbelievable power and torque. gives a prius enough power to chop a hsv vf gts. kristen said she would chop me because she has paddle shifters.

  • yam bagging

    yam bagging explains the phenomenon experienced when a man with low hangers is aggressively penetrating his partner in a manner that results in his t-st-cl-s swinging and slapping hard enough to: be distinctly heard, distinctly felt by the partner and/or able to produce testicular discomfort to the penetrator. i love yam bagging the girl next […]

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