to be overly offended/emotional over a post/status/picture online, or over something trivial in real life. to be overly sensitive to sh-t that has nothing to do with you.
you don’t like a post on facebook, it really offends you, so instead of being an adult and unliking a page or moving on with your day, you become all h-m-tional and b-tch, whine and complain to everyone who will listen on said page.
emotions that a dude feels when he is being gay
dude,don’t get all h-m-tional about it .
when a heteros-xual person acts feminine and/or gets feminine/b-tchy feelings
just cause you lost it, dont mean you gotta get all h-m-tional about it.
when a gay guy gets overly emotional.
jon’s boyfriend won’t return his texts, he’s getting all h-m-tional.
a straight guy saying gay, emotional things. don’t be that guy.
brandi: so scott texted me again this morning just to say “hey cutie, hope you have a good day”

stacy: ugh, what a h-m-tional turn-off
when a straight guy acts gay because of a girl
we stayed up till 8 a.m. holding hands and on my way out i kissed her on the cheek. it was so h-m-tional.

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