very cl-ssy person
that hooe just bought a killer aston martin

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  • stickb*tt

    getting a stick or some other object lodged in your r-ct-m. i was so bored and ended up getting stickb-tt

  • lgbtqookies

    another name for rainbow cookies, with different color layers covered in chocolate. we celebrated the legalization of same s-x marriage by eating a pound of lgbtqookies.

  • jftt

    just for the t-tle. when the article is tl:dr but the t-tle is funny by itself tom: that article is tl:dr mike: yeah but i sent the link jftt it is hilarious.

  • ladyish

    granny like old fashioned is that dress too old ladyish?

  • flabergucken

    flabbergasted, shook and trigger put into one word. she’s flabergucken when she saw harry styles.

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