they’re in marching band >marching band. they are awesome at stuff. they suck at telling riddles. they are badd at speling.
you’re such a hoolihan

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    bar fly crack addict that old lady is a bfca!

  • loric

    a person who throws away perfectly good silver ware, s-xual deviate womanizer type who enjoys while wearing a kids batman costume to m-st-rb-t- in. will betray friends dude are dish washer is loricing it up again, give him pennis cakes tonight.

  • convulse

    convulse means to squeeze or tighten, sometimes in s-x “i was right there and her p-ssy convulsed around my finger”

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    the realest n-gg- you know that is gonna beat nigel’s -ss tizaha will beat nigel’s -ss

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    facial beauty someone betond beautiful, just all out amazing to look at. ahh, margot robbie’s face is so facibeauty.

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