hoosier unit

indiana is the 10th fattest city in the united states as of 2015.

the average weight of of an obese person is approximately 300 pounds, which is the equivalent of 1 hoosier unit.

medical professionals in indianapolis and surrounding counties ofter refer to this measurement when speaking about patients who are obese. it is typical terminology amongst police, fire, and ems. also used quite frequently in the hospital settings.
paramedic: hey doc, we are transporting a patient to your facility with a head injury from a fall. she weighs approximately 2 hoosier units. can your ct machine accommodate her?
er doc: of course, we are hoosier friendly!

police officer: dispatch, can we get an ambulance out here? make sure its a crew that can handle a hoosier unit.
dispatch: standby officer, we’ll have to send two crews for a hoosier unit.

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