hootie and the blowfish

band from the mid-nineties that signaled the beginning of the end for alternative music.
have you heard the new hootie and the blowfish alb-m? wow! they really suck!
one of the best bands of the mid 90’s. sang song such as
only wanna be with you
only lonely
hold my hand
i go blind
tuckers town
old man and me
hootie and the blowfish are the best band ever
an act where the person giving the bl-wj-b puffs out their cheeks for the duration of the bl-wj-b while the receiving person sits perched like an owl
my cheeks sore from last night i gave a guy the hootie and the blowfish.
the ‘original’ pearl jam

then came the crash test dummies

then came pearl jam (who names thei band after c-m?)
pearl jam are c-m gargling f-ggots.
um……… see pearl jam
hootie and the blowfish sound indentical to pearl jam

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