hop off

leave me alone
hop off my b-lls, b-tch!
when someone is talking about one person to much over and over
you tell them hop off
person a: “dis dude bob is nice in football, basketball, soccer, baseball he is…..”

person b: “d-mn n-gg- hop off his d-ck”
usually said as “hop off my d-ck” or “hop off my nuts”.

meaning: leave me alone or don’t judge me.
jenny: ewww, that shirt looks disgusting!
sam: man, whatever… hop off!
let loose. leave alone, or give up.
stephanie : no but really, i think olando will change.
amanda : no he won’t d-mn steph, hop off.
leave me alone
“hop off my b-lls, b-tch”

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