common name given to a girl who offers you quick s-x or a f-ck buddy, not someone who you care about, but simply below average s-x to p-ss the time.
i’m not sure i can be bothered to go out looking for female company tonight, what i really need is a hoscrott.

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  • passive viewing

    p-ssive viewing, watching tv programme or parts thereof, not of your choice to which you’ve been “exposed.” it is p-ssive viewing if you are watching a television programme you don’t particularly want to see, either because you’ve caught a part of it while changing channels, or by selecting the wrong channel. suffering a programme because […]

  • passiveslacker

    a god among men that dude is being such a p-ssiveslacker

  • Vagpyro

    someone who enjoys setting v-g-n-s on fire or someone who has a strange obsession with redheads. i wouldn’t date him he’s totally a vagpyro.

  • Vajile

    verb: to kid or to prod are you vajiling me? no, vajile you not.

  • Passive Pompous

    a person who touts about his high-end purchases to others yet conveniently forgets to mention it was bought at a discount store. looks like jenny fogot to remove the tj max 50% off tag from her new and “very very expensive” handbag.. she is so p-ssive pompous.

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