a more exciting/thrilling way to say hi ,how are you?
hoshnov! i haven’t talked to you in months!

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  • perfullent

    mixture of the words perfect and excellent. usually used in a sarcastic manner. nerd 1: “man i totally pwned in that game of counter strike” nerd 2: “i must admit, your game was freaking perfullent.”

  • crapalier

    any chevy cavalier. a terrible, terrible car that should not be purchased or driven by anyone. ever. frank: ‘concert tonight! i’ll drive.’ tom: ‘no way i’m getting in your cr-palier!’

  • hosh brown

    an awesome alternative name for hoshua, a german name. these people are frendly, good looking, and sweet. hoshua! can i call you hosh brown? its a way cooler name.

  • pergua

    someone who is both peruvian and guatemalan guy1:ohh have u seen that girl today guy2:yeah dude i hear she’s pergua

  • schiesty

    1. very tricky 2. unliked (insult) 1. wow, that math test was schiesty to the max. 2. f-ck you you schiesty mother f-cker. from the german “schiza”. sh-tty, shady, just an all around disreputable character i gives a d-mn ’bout lame n-gg- actin’ schiesty same one knew i was in jail and didn’t write me […]

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