hot dog soup

when you have a hankering for a hot dog, usually of the chili variety. you go to the nearing food shack and order up a hot dog with all the fixins. once the waitress brings it out you just devour that hot dog. once your done you reminisce on how delicious the hot dogs was, when suddenly your thoughts interrupted by sudden cramping and boiling sensations in your lower abdomen. you quickly rush to the bathroom as if the building were on fire, once you reach the bathroom the hot dog to hot dog soup cycle has reached its end. the hot, watery, stank -ss cr-p you take is known as hot dog soup.
william: say denny you think you gunna be able to finish that double decker hot dog you ordered?
denny: i’m thinkin’ not so much big fella…but i can tell by the signals my stomach is sendin’ me i’m gunna have a different kind of leftovers to take home!
william: what you me denny? am i missin’ something?!
denny: c’mon w-lly, i’m gunna have a hot helping of hot dog soup in my britches right quick! cause there ain’t no way i’m making it to the bathroom!
william: shewt cousin! i best have the waitress bring us a to-go container right quick!

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