hot jingles


pr-nounced: haught-jang-gals
1. too freaking awesome 2. having to do with or -ssociated with awesomeness and greatness 3. of an excellent kind 4. hotter than hot 5. too hot for you 6. so awesome it causes confusion of an awesome kind 7. fuad gazal like awesome 8 in reference to a popular song that is very catchy
1. “that dress is hot jingles yo”
2. “the beat is hot jingles though’
3. “escuse you, i’m hot jingles!”
4. “i just ate some hot jingles!”
5. “what’s hot jingles with you?” – to great someone
6. ”i saw him/her the other day…. hot jingles!”
7. “that ______ was hot jingles!” (food, movie, song, p-ssy, book, beat, place, chick, dude….)

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