hot sauce condom

a risky (but kinky) activity with the male wearing two condoms with hot sauce in between them. a successful act is when it doesn’t break, but when one breaks, either the hot sauce leaks into the woman, or the man causing horrible pain but also the excitement of risk.
marv prepared the hot sauce condom and went to f-cking lucy. they were into kinky stuff, so the hot sauce condom was a regular thing. marv thrusted lucy hard, over and over. uhhh! harder! harderrrr! yesss! marv gave it all he got until the condom broke on his end. he didn’t feel it at first, but when he felt pain, he knew something was wrong. he was about to -rg-sm when he pulled out. he yelled in pain. “ow, my d-ck!” he rushed to the bathroom to wash off the hot sauce. it burned his d-ck and he clutched it in pain. then the blue b-lls syndrome hit him. his b-lls dragged across the carpet as he attempted to crawl away.

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