house of cards

a netflix original series starring kevin sp-cey as a ruthless politician who always gets what he wants. he rises through the political ranks by deceiving and jacking people over at all times. he will do whatever is necessary to hold office and that maybe include murder and even using his magic c-ck to influence the correct people. a must see television series for people who enjoy scandalous politicians who are corrupt as h-ll.
person 1: hey, have you watched house of cards?
person 2: yeah dude, that show is awesome, especially when he grudge f-cked zoey barnes.
metaphor pertaining to something of a fragile or volatile nature.

-from an old past-time of standing up playing cards together in the form of a house, this “structure” can fall apart at any time from the slightest action (e.g. an air current).
“we must plan this campaign implementing maximum precision, else it will disintegrate into a house of cards.”
a s-xual position in which the male is leaning at an angle with the back of his shoulders against a wall, supporting the female in the eki ben position. the house of cards is named as such for its obvi
“his back was against the wall. he lifted me up and we started to make love. unfortunately, he had neglected to take his socks off, and the carpet was nylon. it felt like were were a house of cards and one wrong move could topple us over.”

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