acronym for hit the cell
used in away messages when you don’t feel like typing it out completely
auto response from: screenname here:
out for a little while
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manufacturer of the best cell phones ever created.
i must have that htc touch pro2 in my hands right now i want it i want it gimme gimme gimme ew windows mobile.
it’s a phone brand. but i think that when the creators were naming the company, they wanted to call it thc ( tetrahydrocannabinol) but they were too stoned, so failed at spelling
a: maaaaan!!!! i love mary jaaanee!!! let’s call the phone company thc!!
b: let’s!
…too stoned to write it properly…
a: d-mn, i wrote htc! whatever… can’t be f-cked to change.
b: yee, too much work
“htc” aka “hunt that c-nt”- a phrase that a group of men with throbbing genitalia uses when out on the prowl for an equally attractive group of females.

out in public “htc” is perfectly copasetic to use around the opposite s-x. not a single hussy will even know that you’ve been fantasizing about hunting her c-nt since lunchtime.
steven- “bros, lets go out, get f-cking date rape drunk and go htc”

danny- ” its friday night and i just got paid. time to htc!!!!”

huntingc-nt slayer
hit that c-ck
i`m about to htc all night!
it’s the abbreviation for hard throbbing c-ck.
hey do you see that guy with the h.t.c.
piece of sh-t that is responsible for more people going back to an iphone from android than anything else.
that htc is quietly f-cking useless.

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