a bad -ss b-tch
“oh, you love law and order svu? you my hunchie.”

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  • Up on someone's dick

    1. following someone around constantly. “the king’s attendant was all up on someone’s d-ck (the king’s), helping him with whatever he needed.

  • Remz Dab

    the thing that can make anyone feel good in any situation we all were bored on twitch, but then we met remz, he dabbed and now the remz dab makes everyone happy (or cringe) lol

  • north north west eyes

    when an inexperienced manager is asked a simple question, and rather than answer will move their eyes to the comp-ss points north north west to south south east in a rapid fashion. often accompanied by a fear b-n-r. officer a: so did you ask him if the meeting was going ahead? officer b: yeah, but […]

  • Devious

    cunning, crafty, clever. “emma is deviously trying to get cam.” to be slick, cunning, deceptive- dvs short for devious he one slick, devious, cunning dude, dats y he need to check out, everyone should!!!! to be devious is to be sly and do something without the person noticing “you’ll never get me fitzy” without […]

  • Jail-lag

    when a person is released from jail after several years and behaves as if they are still the same age as they went in. she got jail-lag because after spending 5 years locked up, she is still acting like she’s 18 . the shift in time and routine experienced when one is released from jail […]

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