Hybrid Theory

one of the best alb-ms ever made.
linkin park – hybrid theory is a cool alb-m.
one of the best alb-ms people have ever heard. it’s linkin park’s debut alb-m. there’s not a single bad word in it.

track wise -n-lysis:

1.papercut-super fast rapping by shinoda building to several mini choruses, and eventually a long melodic chorus punctuated by rap.

2.one step closer-linkin park made this angst filled song when they were frustrated in perfecting “runaway”, which is track#6 in the alb-m. this song was their first ever single. they play this track as the last song in every concert of theirs.

3.with you-this is the track in which you notice the unique turn tabling ability of dj hahn. so far, the only linkin park song where chester sings in a “different” voice, noticeable in the chorus.

4.points of authority-the only sign of rap is in the beginning and somewhere towards the middle. another nice track to play on the move.

5.crawling-the music video for this won a grammy award in 2002. best part is the few lines before the chorus. powerful lyrics, chester is predominant.

6.runaway-the first 3 seconds of this song made me a linkin park freak. nice track to succeed crawling

7.by myself-you can cl-ssify this as “lazy rap”. i never liked this song much, but the chorus is very catchy.

8.in the end-aw c’mon, of course you know this one. it’s the most popular song they have ever made, till date. nu metal, as it’s peak. a piano loop throughout, fast-rapping by shinoda, chorus by chester.

9.a place for my head-an arabic twinge to the guitar used in this one. a superb one where chester screams the loudest. placement in the alb-m spot on.

10.forgotten-heaviest track in the alb-m. here’s where you spot the inefficiency of the linkin park guitarists. luckily shinoda’s rapping saves the song.

11.cure for the itch-all instrumental. dj hahn at his turntables. full marks!

12.pushing me away-an anticlimax, appearing at the end of the alb-m. nevertheless, a great song, to hear when you are feeling guilty after lying to somebody.

this is amazing. one of the few rock alb-ms where they don’t swear. linkin park knows how to do it.
have you heard hybrid theory?

of course mate!
1. linkin park’s debut alb-m
2. linkin park’s old band name
3. the theory of blending a mix of genres of music
1. i own ht! yay
2. i downloaded some ht! yay. im listening to “carousel” right now!
3. linkin park is a hybrid theory
awesome cd. sold over 8 million copies
the original electronic rap-metal alb-m.
revolutionized the nu-metal scene. criticized by losers because it was more popular than marlyin manson.
hybrid theory is awesome
one form of music theory, similar to harmonic theory, which insists that by combining two opposing genres of music, the resulting music contains the strengths of both genres, and makes up for the weaknesses of each individual genre.
-linkin park’s alb-m “hybrid theory” mixes primarily the two music genres of rock and rap. the alb-m uses rock to fill in the harmonic and melodic gaps which traditional rap songs have, while using rap to employ more unique beats and allowing for more complicated lyrics.

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