a short term feeling of having lots of energy, one who is hyper usually does crazy/stupid things and laughs a lot. often called a “natural high” and is caused by mutliple things: friends, sugar, lack of sleep, night, etc
i was so hyper last night i couldn’t stop laughing.
the first syllable is “high” and the second is “purr”, therefore to be hyper is to be like a drugged cat. yes. really.
“this definition of hyper on urban dictionary is completely incorrect.”
a way for little innocent girls to say that they are extremely h-rny without using words that make them uncomfy…..
brooke, i’m so hyper right now! i had lots of c-ke. i’m just gonna go flick the bean!
a replica of a honda integra type-r, a fake. usaly with the jdm front end on a usdm acura integra. hint: no type-r came factory with a sunroof.
riceboy1: wow look at the type-r, that sh-t is clean.
knowledged honda guy: its a hype-r, dumb-ss
when you cant concentrate on anything and you feel like bouncing off the walls…natural high usually…well…sugar
omg, when i ate the king sized snickers bar i got totally hyper and was like wow!
in the furry fandom (and most likely other places with s-xual minorities), hyper means to be excessively endowed to the point of ridiculous and unrealistic proportions. this can also be combined or replaced with the muscle fetish to mean unrealistically gigantic muscular proportions.
furry #1: “hey did you see the artist who drew that hyper mouse?”
furry #2 “the one with those really really huge b–bs, right?”


furry #1: “man, i wish i was hyper muscled…”
furry #2: “why? you wouldn’t even be able to move with all that beef on you.”
furry #1: “it’s just for looks.”
when you eat a lot of sugar and jump around everywhere yelling four square and raawk and telling your teachers to shut up
shut up! ffoouurr squaaaare!

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