to exaggerate for dramatic effect, usually in speech; see also sheriff john bunnell
i’ve told you a thousand times to turn that tv off!
the hands-down absolute best f-cking thing in the world, of all time, of all time!!!!!!!!!!
i could give ten billion examples of hyperbole, but i don’t feel like it.
someone who uses hyperbole (exaggeration to make a point) to excess.

a bragger who must always “out do” everyone else.
hyperbole: “i made a million dollars on that client.”

brother: “dude! why is every other thing you say a hyperbole?”

hyperbole: “it’s not bragging it’s true! i’m better than everyone else, that’s why.”
when someone’s power level is over 9000
an example of hyperbole:

“vageta, what’s the scouter say about his power level?”

“it’s over 9000!”

“what 9000!?”
hyper-bole: the pr-nounciation used when you don’t realise that the correct pr-nounciation is hy-pur-be-lee .
oh my god i don’t believe you don’t know what hyper-bole is. wovlerine knows what hyper-bole is!
what media hype, outrageous advertising, and the fans have made the super bowl into
superbowl xli is a perfect example of hyperbole
a bowl traveling an excess of 3-8 trillion miles per second
wow, with this new bowl we will reach new solar system easily

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