i like candy corns

a term you say when you are drunk, wasted, or just plain -ss f-cking r-t-rded.
ummm, i like candy corns!


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  • fruit cabin

    cabin of fruity people that live deep in the mountains. they grow various drugs in their cabin, referred to as “fruit” amongst the mountain people. “hey got any of that cabin fruit in your fruit cabin?”

  • ploipi

    a way to express being in a terrible situation. “oh cr-p!” = “ploipi!” ploipi i forgot to study for the test!

  • kopi

    slang word for okay you hurd? suck a n-gg- d-ck kopi?

  • bed game

    bed game is term used when describing someone having s-x. typically comes in a conversation when talking about a game. john: were bob and mary at the football game last night? henri: no. they were playing the “bed game”

  • every minute

    every 60 seconds every 30 seconds twice every 10 seconds 6 times hey, am a r-t-rd, what is every minute?

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