i really hate him – hate club
i really hate him – really i do

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  • iriat

    sunshine. over-sized baby. someone who makes people bow down to her like the sun and covers herself unlike the moon. also someone with tewfik thighs. look at that iriat, she’s so sunshine-y.

  • irik

    a person who m-st-rb-t-s constantly “he said he was gonna take a sh-t but he’s probably just pulling off an irik”

  • air conditioner mechanic

    a form of labour aimed at young lazy people whom wish never to work, get a flashy job t-tle and speak alot of smack about air conditioners. also trained to beleive that they are supirior when in fact they are driven to slavery by their tradesman to make way for the one whom upon arival […]

  • rip dawg

    a phrase used to warn an individual that he or she is losing control of how awesome they are “you got straight a’s again? rip dawg!!!”

  • ripl

    rolling in p–p laughing. i was ripl’ing so hard that i got myself dirty with poo

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