I want to [fuck]

in modern vernacular the most direct way of saying you have the desire to copulate. if spoken aloud, there will be no doubt about your mindset, with any person that speaks english or several other languages. the thing that every guy want’s to hear from his prom date. other synonyms would include; i want to s-x you up, i want to get naked,i want to do the horizontal bop, i want to make it with you, i want to make sweet love to ya woman(chef), or the following statement which involves the same act of human copulation, however may cause erectile disfunction(ed),and therefore virtually impossible to “fill the order”; i want to have your baby.
two old guys standing at the bus stop, an extremely hot young woman, wearing a very form fitting short knit skirt and low cut knit top,saunters by the “gentlemen”:
old guy #1: oy vay! i want to f-ck her.
old guy #2: out of what ?

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